About Us

Lekker Brands, LLC was formed in November 2010 using the owner’s expertise in import and export to hone in to an untapped market in hotels for essential amenities such as the growing need for worldwide adapters and universal chargers.

 Lekker Brands is the parent company of Guest Valet, a company that supplies over 400 hotels nationwide with hotel guest amenities. Guest Valet is a unique and innovative hotel amenity & supply company, distributing the “Guest Valet” brand.

 We offer niche, as well as ‘every day’ essential products to hotel guests during their travels. Our products may be offered through mini bar, marketing department, front desk, concierge, or supplied through housekeeping. We pride ourselves on offering quality service, at the lowest prices, for premium products. Our inventory is imported directly, allowing us to keep a wide variety of options in stock, in order to fulfill your guests’ every need.

 No customer is too big or too small. We pledge to give our undivided attention to each and every customer, as if they were our first.